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List of Cheap Sports Cars Under IDR 1 Billion in Indonesia

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List of Cheap Sports Cars Under IDR 1 Billion in Indonesia

Cheap sports cars are an attraction among automotive fans, especially if the price is under IDR 1 billion. Surely many sports car lovers are tempted to buy one.

This type of sports car is rarer and is usually marketed at a higher price than passenger cars in general.

In terms of design, this car only has two doors with a high-performance engine quality which makes it superior in terms of speed and durability according to circuit 1 events.

1. Toyota 86 – IDR 830 million

The Toyota 86 was launched by Toyota at the 2017 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) and could be a sports car choice under 1 M. This cheap sports car’s design is not adventurous but quite aggressive.

The Toyota 86 carries a Boxer engine with a capacity of 1,998 cc with sideways piston movement, like a hand punching.

2. Mazda MX 5 RF Skyactiv-G 2.0 – IDR 808.5 million

Apart from Toyota, Mazda also has a cheap sports car, namely the Mazda MX 5 RF Skyactiv G 2.0. The Mazda MX5 car is often called the Mazda Miata. Those of you who have played Need for Speed will definitely be familiar with the name Miata.

The RF version is the roadster version, aka it has a roof that you can fold. But if you use it daily in Jakarta, it’s better to just close the roof because if you open it, you have to wear a helmet. That’s an official rule, you know!

3. MINI Cooper JCW – IDR 650 million to IDR 835 million (used)

JCW stands for John Cooper Works. The MINI Cooper JCW is an option for those of you who are interested in cheap used sports cars under IDR 1 billion. This type has a three-door version, namely two on the side and one in the trunk.

This British car started arriving in Indonesia in 2015. The John Cooper label is also a tribute to a legendary racing car designer.

4. Subaru BRZ – IDR 400 million to IDR 750 million (used)

The Subaru dealer in Indonesia, PT Motor Image, has not recorded any sales transactions since 2015 – 2016. But Subaru BRZ cars are of course still being sold on the market in used condition.

However, there are also basic differences that you should know. The front grill of the Subaru BRZ is different from the Toyota 86. The second difference is in the shape of the main lights.

5. Honda CRZ – IDR 529 million to IDR 531 million (used)

Just like the Subaru BRZ, this car is no longer produced. CRZ’s career as a cheap sports car ended in 2015. However, you can still buy this car in used condition for IDR 500 million.

One thing you should know about the CRZ is that this car is often the supervisory car or safety car at every racing event on the Sentul Circuit. So how fun is the CRZ?

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