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Unique Traditional Chinese Food!

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Unique Traditional Chinese Food!

Don’t just ignore the opportunity to study in China! There are so many interesting things you have to do to increase your experience. Moreover, college time is a really valuable time to try new things, including tempting Chinese specialties.

Remember, China is the largest country in Asia so there are lots of delicious traditional foods. It’s a shame, right, not to try typical Chinese food that tastes delicious? Come on, check out 15 traditional Chinese foods that taste second to none and some are halal too according to!

1. Laziji

This typical Chinese food is also known as «spicy chicken» which is a dish from the Sichuan region. This dish is stir-fried chicken whose seasoning consists of dried Sichuan chilies, spicy bean paste, paprika, garlic and ginger. Usually use small free-range chicken from a nearby farm so the taste remains fresh. The spicy, aromatic and savory taste makes this Laziji really delicious eaten with hot rice.

2. Jian Bing

If you want to try street food in China, Jian Bing could be an option. This typical Chinese food has skin made from wheat flour and corn which is cooked using a flat pan with eggs or meat along with coriander leaves and other spices. This street food is served in roll form so it is easy to eat.

3. La Mian

If you like eating noodles, you really have to try La Mian. La Mian is a Chinese-style pulled noodle made by twisting, pulling and twisting the wheat dough mixed with rice flour so that it becomes thin. Later La Mian will be served with toppings such as chicken pieces sauteed with typical oriental spices and chicken broth.

4. Zhajiang mian

The name Zhajiang mian may be similar to the name Jajangmyeon from Korea. Yep, these two noodles have something in common because they are both cooked with fermented soybean paste. Actually, jajangmyeon itself is a noodle dish that Shandong people brought to Korea. The sauce itself comes from simmering beef or pork with salty fermented soybean paste. After that, you can pour the zhajiang mian sauce over the noodles and then eat straight away.

5. Peking Duck

Who doesn’t know Peckng Duck or Peking duck? This typical Chinese food has a unique cooking method, namely while dousing hot oil in a hanging position so that the skin is golden brown and the spices are absorbed. While in Indonesia it is usually eaten with Hainanese rice, in China, Peking Duck is served with pancakes, sliced ginger, green onions and red bean sauce.

6. Xiaolongbao

When visiting China, it seems incomplete without trying Xiaolongbao. Shaped like a small steamed bun, usually served in a small bamboo basket. Xiaolongbao usually contains pork or beef, but there are also shrimp, seafood, crab and vegetables.

What is unique about Xialongbao is that it contains meat broth which melts when steamed. So to eat Xiaolongbao, don’t take a big bite straight away, but make a small hole with a bite. From the small hole you can inhale the delicious meat broth.

7. Mapo Tofu

The next typical Chinese food is Mapo Tofu. As the name suggests, this dish is made from tofu cooked in spicy sauce. Apart from that, this dish is made with douban (fermented peas and chilies), douchi (fermented long beans), ear mushrooms and minced meat. The taste is spicy, savory, with thick sauce, this food is really suitable for eating with rice.

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