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Types of Coffee for Milk Coffee, Which is Best to Use?

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Types of Coffee for Milk Coffee, Which is Best to Use?

Who among you is a fan of iced milk coffee? Iced milk coffee is a variant of coffee creation that is very popular in Indonesia. Since 2016, iced milk coffee has still dominated the world of coffee because it is still a favorite of many people. Iced milk coffee has a sweet, sweet taste combined with a refreshing sensation, making it suitable to quench your thirst in the hot Indonesian weather. Iced milk coffee is made from three basic ingredients, namely coffee, milk and palm sugar. The combination of these three will produce the taste we know today. Talking about iced milk coffee, not a few people wonder about the type of coffee for milk coffee. There are indeed many types of coffee in the world, but there are two types that are widely used in Indonesia, namely Arabica and Robusta coffee. So between the two, which is the type of coffee for milk coffee? We’ll get right into it here!

Before knowing the type of coffee for milk coffee, it would be good if you knew the differences between the two types of coffee. Not everyone can differentiate between Arabica and Robusta coffee types, so for lay people like us, it’s natural that we often misidentify the two. Arabica coffee is a type of coffee that grows in the highlands. The shape of the beans is oval and larger when compared to robusta coffee. Arabica coffee plants require special care so the price is more expensive. As for the aroma, Arabica has a very fragrant aroma, high acidity level, and tastes that vary depending on the plantation area. Meanwhile, Robusta coffee can grow in the lowlands. The caffeine and chlorogenic acid levels are very high so it is not easily attacked by pests so maintenance costs are cheap. This is what makes Robusta coffee more affordable than Arabica coffee. The taste and aroma of robusta coffee is very strong when compared to arabica coffee. Meanwhile the acid level is lower.

The comparison of Arabica and Robusta coffee above makes baristas more likely to choose Robusta coffee to use as a type of coffee for milk coffee. In fact, both types of coffee can both be used as types of coffee for milk coffee. However, Robusta coffee is more widely chosen and used. The first reason is the more affordable price. As we know, the average price for iced milk coffee starts from IDR 15,000 to IDR 35,000. Since the price is very affordable, the robusta coffee type is the one that is widely used. The second reason is because robusta coffee has a strong bitter taste so it can be balanced by adding milk and palm sugar. This is different from Arabica coffee which has a slightly natural sweet taste in it. The third reason is because the taste is more familiar to the tongue. Did you know that it turns out that the coffee industry in Indonesia uses more robusta coffee, both for sachet coffee and instant coffee. Being the coffee of choice for industry, the taste and aroma of robusta coffee are more familiar to us. Therefore, baristas prefer to use robusta coffee as a type of coffee for milk coffee.

Although basically Arabica coffee can also be used as a type of coffee for milk coffee, it is mostly used as a mixture of Robusta coffee. So what type of coffee is Arabica coffee more suitable for? Arabica coffee is more suitable as black coffee, manual brew, cold brew, espresso, and coffee variants that don’t use a lot of mixed ingredients because the taste of Arabica coffee itself is very rich so it is suitable if enjoyed just like that without adding too much. additional ingredients and Visit the hob stoughton.

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