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Top Most Useful Apps You Need on Your Phone Right Now

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Over time, mankind has had to learn how to evolve. From the time of early man, humans have always found a way to edge ahead of nature and all its surprises. The world being survival for the fittest, man has marched ahead to sheer brilliance, and the ability to use the environment to advantage him. Today, however, the scenario is very different than that of early man. We do not have to dwell in caves or rely on hunting to provide food on the table. What has not changed is man’s tenacity and agility to know what works and what doesn’t, and to capitalize on that which does.

The internet, arguably Rolet Online man’s greatest discovery, is something that has bloomed and thrived over time. The internet today is meticulously intertwined in our lives. Whether you’re looking for a dress online, reading this post on your iPad, studying online, hailing a cab, or even watching funny cat videos, you have to agree the internet is here with us to stay. Since the internet in itself is broad, it can neither be termed as good nor can it be termed bad. What we do is what influences what the platform becomes. There are a myriad of software developers who seek to have their applications recognized, and woven into the daily routine of many people. Some apps are for recreational purposes, others are for fun, and others can be quite helpful in our day to day lives and these are the 30 most useful apps to make your life better and easier.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is one of the most vital features of the human body. If you get little sleep than required, you will be ill-equipped to handle the day’s takes, and if you oversleep, you may end up missing your responsibilities. Sleep Cycle helps your body get the optimum rest by monitoring your sleeping patterns and waking you up when it senses that it is the best time. The app is free but you can upgrade for a premium account later on.


In full, it stands for If This Then That. Essentially, IFTTT looks to eliminate monotonous routine. For instance, if you post a picture on Instagram, it automatically shares the post on Twitter. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time repeating a mundane routine.


This app is like having an accountant on your phone. Have you ever wondered where all your money goes towards the end of the month? With Mint, you can track all your expenses and income. It works by linking your accounts together, all you have to do key in your bank accounts info and leave the rest to the app that will record your income, money transfers, transactions, and all expenses. Best of all, it is all free.


What was that thing you wanted to do today? With Todoist, you won’t have to worry about having sticky notes all over. With Todoist, you can create any list, from shopping lists, to do lists, groceries, wish lists, schedule all your daily tasks, either by the day, week, and so on. Whenever the activity comes close, the app will remind you. Could it be to pay your bills every certain date or even a once off activity, Todoist will be reminding you about it. is a community app that allows users to connect and motivate each other to stick to new habits and routines. This app enables anyone to have many accountability partners while forming new habits. The app is available both on Android and Apple Store for free.


Simply put, Calm is your go-to app regarding guided meditations and sleep stories to reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness and develop gratitude. It’s user interface is amazingly well designed and their scenes and sounds are of high quality. Calm is free to use and to download, however, you can always upgrade for a premium account later on.


All frequent travellers know about how great this app is, with one click you’ll be able to look through hundreds of websites simultaneously to find the right price for you, find money saving deals, such as mobile only or private deals and get great alerts regarding the best prices for your desired destination.

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