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Sweet Alcoholic Drinks that Koreans Like

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Sweet Alcoholic Drinks that Koreans Like

Drinking is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for many Koreans. Even on a short visit, you can see how much Koreans love alcoholic beverages.

Soju is by far the most popular alcoholic drink and is the drink of choice for most Koreans. But I am someone who doesn’t really enjoy soju. It’s too bitter and tastes like alcohol (like Korean vodka). However, I feel a little left out or strange if all my friends drink and I don’t.

Iseul ToktokIseul Toktok

The first drink I recommend is Iseul tok tok. The alcohol content is quite low, only 3% and does not overpower the taste of other drinks. The core flavor profile is peach, which is by far the best-smelling fruit in the world acording to!

Maehwasu Plum Water

Maehwasu is made from cherry tree fruit. It tastes sweet and bitter because of the alcohol. Talking about alcohol, the alcohol content of this drink is around 14%.

Honestly, this drink is easy to get drunk on because it is delicious and quite strong considering the soft pink theme of the advertisement.

Great served cold or with ice. This bottle costs between 1,900 and 2,000 KRW in supermarkets. The pub will sell it for 4,000 KRW.

Mango Lingo Mango Lingo

I really want to recommend this mango beer. Even though it’s beer, it tastes and smells like mango juice! The alcohol content is only 2.5%.

Actually, I had a few drinks with my friends over Christmas, but we didn’t get drunk.

iCing Makgeolli Makgeolli

In my experience, when I ask my girlfriends what kind of alcohol they prefer, more than half of them choose Iseul Toktok or makgeolli (rice wine). If a bottle of Maggeolli is too much for you, try a small can of iCing Makgeolli.

This rice wine has a fruity taste so it is popular among lovers of sweet drinks. The alcohol content is 4%.

Jeju Slice Jeju Slice

Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t have to go all the way to Jeju just to find it. This delicious drink is sold throughout Korea. This is the perfect ladies’ drink as it combines fruity flavors, aromas and a good alcohol content of 4.1%.

You can buy it in most supermarkets for 2,500 KRW per can. Convenience stores also sell it for 4,000 KRW.

Sometimes convenience stores in Korea run a 4 cans for 10,000 KRW campaign where you can get 4 cans for 10,000 KRW or mix and match with other drinks.

Somersby Somersby

Somersby is also very popular in Korea because of its cool taste and only 4.5% alcohol content.

It’s very refreshing, like sparkling water. This is a great option for a picnic on the Han River.

There are two flavors to choose from: apple and sparkling rose. Personally, I prefer the apple flavor. Keep in mind that this drink is MUCH better when cold, so drink it up!

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