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Multimedia Arts Degree: What to Expect Before and After You Graduate

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In your busy daily life, have you ever stopped and took time to admire your surroundings? Have you noticed the billboards, tarpaulins, and posters across the roads? And with the rising popularity of social media accounts, surely, you’ve bumped into memes and videos within the first 5 minutes of using your phone. How about the upcoming films? Have you checked which of the recent ones will be your next cup of tea? All these novel creations were made by very creative individuals. Are you thinking of becoming like them? Enhance your inner talents and create new media projects through a Multimedia Arts degree! If you want to know more about this course, here’s an ultimate guide made for you!

Multimedia Arts uses new disciplines of media to unify various art forms—such as text, graphics, sound, animation, pictures, and videos—to produce fresh concepts. With that, artists can produce quality contents such as digital arts, movies and TV programs. With the combined art and new media technologies, they redefine the meaning of art throughout the years.

Telltale Signs That Multimedia Arts Degree is the Right Course for You

Now that you learned multimedia arts’ definition, it’s time for you to find out whether you’re fit for the course. Here are the common signs that will convince you to take a multimedia arts program!

1. You sketch, paint, and doodle a lot.

What’s a more obvious sign you’re into art? If you enjoy sketching, painting, and doodling, there’s a high chance you will enjoy Multimedia Arts! This degree includes digital art, computer graphics and illustration, and 3D animation, among others. With these, you’ll see your creations come to life!

2. Your room’s a mess because of your “inspirations.”

Is your room littered with posters, paintings, comic books, and everything in between? Well, it’s a clear sign you’re fit for a Multimedia Arts degree! Your room may look like a complete mess to your parents, but we know you keep them for it could inspire you or because you might need them for a project.

3. You judge books, brochures, and magazines based on their cover.

While your friends read books and magazines, you secretly assess their covers and examine every graphics, icons, and color schemes used. Plus, you enjoy flipping through pages to look for illustrations and pictures.

4. You’re a big fan of anime, cartoons, and graphic novels.

Other than being a fan of a specific series, you’re also fascinated with how they’re pieced together. You know how hard it is to create a single frame of movement, let alone a whole episode. Likewise, you love learning through watching these shows. With that, you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

5. You’re a movie junkie.

Are you one of those who look at the technical side of the movie more than focusing on the plot alone? Your friends might even find you annoying. But you just can’t seem to keep your thoughts to yourself. Most of the time, your final verdict of the movie comes along with your comments about its framing, camera angles, color schemes, and symbolism, among others.

6. You love taking photos.

What screams “I’m a Multimedia Artist!” more than your love for photography? Your thirst for making new content keeps your creative juices flowing. Sometimes, you even look for potential models to serve as your subjects for your photo shoots. Likewise, you can make almost everything look beautiful in your photos. May it be the sunset, or even a leaf.

7. Video editing and directing is your passion.

Are you always assigned to be your group’s director or video editor? It doesn’t matter, though for you wouldn’t want any other role, anyway. You’d be the happiest with your editor or director role and everybody knows it. These said, you’re perfect for a Multimedia Arts degree!

Why do You Need to Get a Multimedia Arts Degree?

Anybody can become a multimedia artist, editor, or graphic artist. They can also become a cartoonist, graphic designer, and do a lot more jobs related to arts. But more than having these fulfilling careers, studying Multimedia Arts aids you more than you know. Below are the reasons why you should get a Multimedia Arts degree.

1. It boosts your overall artistic skills.

Multimedia Arts involves subjects related to video editing, animation, motion design, and graphic design. You’ll be learning these as you progress through the entire course. Thus, no matter what career you choose, you surely got the edge as a Multimedia Arts student!

2. It can help you reach a worldwide market easier.

This course also studies the different forms of media and its technology. Meaning, you can master how you can make them work to your advantage. For instance, you can use social media to make your artworks go viral. Hence, helping you build a better portfolio and gain networks.

3. It teaches diligence.

Your work may not be as good as your classmates. That said, this will make you strive harder and give more time into improving your skills. Art isn’t a natural talent, it’s a skill you can learn over time.

4. It opens a myriad of career opportunities.

If you have a Multimedia Arts degree, then you’re bound to have endless career opportunities. Today’s lifestyle is more visual than ever. With that, your skills will be needed in every business and career fields.

What Jobs Can You Get with Multimedia Arts?

Multimedia Arts degree graduates are qualified in almost every job that involves arts and design. These said, you have more career posts to choose from. You also have a greater chance of earning a high income. Who wouldn’t want to earn while doing the job they love? Check our infographic below and see the list of multimedia arts jobs that waits for you.

The CIIT Edge

The future is bright for Multimedia Arts degree graduates. With the ever-evolving technologies and industry, multimedia artists are highly in demand in the workplace. With that, a degree can be your entry to a rewarding multimedia arts career. We at CIIT Philippines, a multimedia arts school in Quezon City, offer Multimedia Arts subjects to help you become ready for the changing trends this 21st Century. We have modern teaching methods to help you be at par with the global standards. More importantly, we have a fun CIIT life where you can express yourself freely. You also check out our CIIT Gallery and see our students’ and faculty’s masterpieces.

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