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Benefits of Yoga for Body and Mental Health

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Benefits of Yoga for Body and Mental Health

Yoga is a healthy activity aimed at all ages, from children, adults to the elderly. In fact, the benefits of yoga can be felt both physically and mentally, such as maintaining a healthy heart and lungs, overcoming stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

Yoga itself is a body and mind sport that relies on body flexibility, balance, focus, and breathing techniques. It’s not surprising that yoga can provide a number of benefits for overall health. Let’s look at the full benefits of yoga through the following review.

Doing yoga regularly provides quite a variety of benefits, both for the body, mental and even beauty. The following is an explanation of the benefits of yoga according to

1. Increases Body Flexibility

Yoga can improve balance and body flexibility. Where, indirectly this can reduce your risk of injury.

You don’t need to hesitate to start yoga if you feel your body is less flexible. In fact, this physical activity will help you have a more flexible body. In fact, elderly people who regularly do yoga are known to experience an almost fourfold increase in flexibility because the muscles and ligaments will stretch while doing yoga.

2. Maintains heart and lung health

People who have regularly done yoga for years are known to have lower blood pressure and pulse rates (within normal limits) than people who do not do yoga. As is known, high blood pressure is a trigger for heart disease. This means that if blood pressure in the body is stable, the risk of heart disease can be reduced.

Apart from the heart, the benefits of yoga are also related to lung health. Yoga has a special breathing technique (pranayama) which, if done regularly, will improve the vital function of the lungs so that it can improve the respiratory system.

3. Reduces back pain

Yoga done regularly can relieve back pain. This physical activity is considered as effective as other types of stretching in helping back pain sufferers move more easily.

Yoga has been proven to increase stretching of the spine and improve body posture. Apart from that, yoga is also known to be useful in relieving chronic pain caused by several conditions, such as injury, arthritis, and pain due to migraines.

4. Improve Mental Health

The benefits of yoga for mental health are quite diverse. This is because yoga can help reduce the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. When cortisol production decreases, serotonin production (the happy hormone) will also increase, which can relieve symptoms of depression and make sufferers feel calmer.

It doesn’t stop there, doing yoga regularly is also known to relieve symptoms of anxiety disorders. This physical activity is considered to be able to create a sense of peace, thereby reducing the feeling of excessive anxiety that is felt.

5. Helps the disease recovery process

The next benefit of yoga for the body is that it supports the disease recovery process. Therefore, yoga is often used as a companion to medical care. For example, stroke patients who are undergoing physical therapy using yoga can improve balance and motor function abilities.

6. Reduces stomach cramps during menstruation

Yoga movements are known to help reduce pressure in the uterus, cramps, and relieve stiffness in the lower back which is generally a symptom of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

One yoga pose that can be applied to get these benefits is child’s pose. This movement is done by sitting on your knees and stretching your arms forward. This position can help the back muscles relax so that stomach cramps will decrease.

7. Makes you stay young

Not only for physical and mental health, doing yoga regularly can also make you stay young. The benefits of yoga for beauty can be obtained through several yoga poses, one of which is Sirsasana pose (head standing).

This pose can help improve blood supply to the brain and face. so that the oxygen supply to brain cells and the face will increase, stress hormone levels will decrease, the face tends to become youthful, and acne problems are avoided.

These are some of the health benefits of yoga that would be a shame to miss. Even though it provides a number of benefits, yoga cannot be used as the main treatment for disease, but is only a companion treatment and an option for disease prevention.

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